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Tue Nov 16 07:02:00 EST 2010

I'm currently at the decalling stage of my 1/72nd Jacobs Tripe and the sheet
with those markings has Voss' tripe on as well. For some bizarre reason,
Superscale printed the face in 48th scale instead of 72nd. So if that's any
good to you, it's yours - it's no use to me.... You'll just need some
standard German markings to finish it off.

Actually most of sheet is rubbish. The Jacobs markings are so poorly done
most of them are unusable, and not just the fire breathing devil for the
fuselage (which I ended up hand painting).
On 15 November 2010 18:50, <cperleberg at cox.net> wrote:

> Does anybody out there make 1/48 decals for Voss's Triplane? You know, the
> funny face that goes on the yellow, er, green, er yellow , cowl?
> Chris P.
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