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Helen and Chris 2kermavio at orange.fr
Mon Nov 15 19:53:30 EST 2010

Chris P wrote

The funny face that goes on the yellow, er, green, er yellow , cowl

Those who know better than I will advise you if such decals exist.

However (Here it comes,again; that feeling. Here it comes again!  (Fortunes?)) I reckon, after all the chat that's gone on over the years, that the sacred cow(l) is probably blue.

How come?

OK, bearing in mind that I know twice the square root of sod all, let me come to this with a fresh, uncluttered, perspective.

Intelligent minds have tried to come up with what a colour would look like in monochrome. All sorts of interpretations have been explored.  And some have been spot on. As far as we know. Many more have been way off.

Yellow, as far as I am aware (and, I admit, that is not very far at all) does not appear all that often - apart from an individual pilots scheme(?).  Is CDL yellow?

Green turns up in all sorts of guises.  Mostly in the streaks, some times in camo and sometimes in individual markings.

So far, no-one has matched up the yellows or greens to say, "Hey, that's it".  As far as I know.  

So, if I am right about this, and no definitive answers have been found, then it is probable that the Sacred Cowl was neither green or yellow. 

However, an awful lot of blue paint was used on the undersides on Central Powers aircraft early on.  Before lozenges became fashionable.  And, perhaps, afterwards.

So, if all the "tests" on monochrome photos were looking for green or yellow traces on Voss's cowl - and failed to find anything conclusive - could that be because the thing was painted underside blue?

Others, who know these things, will tell me how different colours register in monochrome.  And how different, or close, blues and greens may be.

This is not a smart-arse challenge.  Just an intellectual thought seeking clarification.  Or am I just muddying the waters.  Again!!!

I know we've been through this countless times, but, as any copper will tell you, the more you tell the tale, the more you'll find.  So shoot me down.  And shoot me down again.

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