[WWI] 11th November

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Nov 12 08:04:06 EST 2010

> Diego, only if I can call you 'Fernetti, old fart' heh, heh!

"I fart in your general direction!"

> Regarding your info, Air Vice Marshall M.H. la Bas' story is a
> fascinating one. I wonder how many more there are remaining unknown so 
> far.

Literally, hundreds. Many of the Argentinian born, English ascendancy pilots 
were considered as "enemies" by the Peronist government in Argentina in hte 
late 40s (not surprisingly, given the support to the Germans by the same 
government) Some of them returned to Argentina, where they usually worked in 
the agrarian business, and some who were working for the railroads before 
the Peronist, were unemployed as soon as the state took over the English 
management of the railroad system. I'm not judging who was right or wrong 
here, just stating the fact. The tense relationship with the UK regarding 
the Mavinas Islands (Falklands to ye) didn't encouraged the homage to these 
pilots who flew for Albion. Just in the last 10 years some historians have 
unearthed their stories. Argentina had (has) a large immigrant population, 
including many Britons and Irish, and they wanted badly to participate, such 
as many of their parents did during WW1.

> their motivation to fight the Nazis. Who, to be fair, were fairly 
> unmistakable bad guys who revelled in the role of villains, just check the 
> uniforms.

LOL, the Argentinian Army was modeled after the Prussian and German model 
since the last decades of the XIXth century. No wonder they hope that the 
guys in jackboots were the winners!

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