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Sean, the truly great thing about 'the few' is that there was indeed a few of everyone, Aussies, kiwis, Americans ( 3 Eagle Squadrons ) Canadians, Indians, Poles, Czechs, French, Scots, Welsh and English ( Maybe I'm stretching things a little there, but it could get political here, If I don't make the distinction) and many others, It must have have been a cap badge spotters paradise. The R.A.F. at that time was actually a truly multinational effort, and they stood for many reasons and beliefs, I suppose, and every one of those Nationalities there at the time made it succeed. That is a bloody good effort from any perspective. Plus we had Radar. And that was a very smart move! It would indeed be a crime to stop teaching our kids history. We now thank the Aussies and New Zealanders by allowing them to beat at most sporting pusuits that we share, by way of thanks, I am sure if we played Baseball or Gridiron our American cousins could whack us at those sports as well. Let's not mention the footy in the world cup, shall we, eh?                                


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Nick Hamer lamented:


It is a great shame. In Britain we have had thirteen years of a government which appears to have had as its main aim the the erasure of our National identity...
On top of this, y'all saved Western Civilization 70 years ago - yet one hears nary a peep about The Battle. To  try to forget The Few is downright criminal.
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