[WWI] Painting Wire

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Thu Nov 11 10:17:45 EST 2010

OTOH, you don't really want it black, just sort of dark metallic colour.

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> Chris!
> > Anybody have any tips for painting stainless steel wire? 
> I've got .007 SS 
> > wire from Small Parts. I want to paint it flat black. I 
> wiped the wire 
> > with vinegar, then with paint thinner. I then drag it 
> across a spot of 
> > flat black enamel on a piece of paper. Doesn't work all that well.
> The only advice I can think of it to clean the wire very 
> well. As MC Hammer 
> would say: "Can't touch it" Then you can add a very thin coat of nail 
> varnish with a brush, let dry and then use matt black enamel.
> One thing though: your wire will be no more .007
> > Is there special paint for stainless steel?
> Yes, but hardly worth spending for .007 wire! You'd spend more wisely 
> getting carbon fiber of the same gauge, which is already black.
> D.
> "Hammer time!" 

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