[WWI] 11th November

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Well I enjoyed not paying to get into that National heritage sort of place called the RAF museum at Hendon!

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It is a great shame. In Britain we have had thirteen years of a government which appears to have had as its main aim the the erasure of our National identity and history, and as a result of this the vast majority of britons are more interested in who will be going through to the next round of the ''sad fame seeking bastard factor'' this weekend, without ever having a clue or care about why it is they are free to watch this shit. Crap, but that's the way it is. There will be nothing like the French respect for the occasion.



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I've just returned from a very moving Armistice ceremony.  As it is every year.  The French not only remember the dead - all the dead - from WW1 on this day but also celebrate the coming of peace.

Having recently seen "before and after" aeriel shots of both Passchendaele and Verdun curtesy of the List, I can fully understand why this is a day where business takes second place to remembrance, reflection and contemplation.

France is closed today.

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