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Sean Brian Kirby partscount at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 22:34:37 EST 2010

Dear List,

Folks, this afternoon one of the trailers on the big screen depicted... a
quasi-OT film. What was shown on the screen was flabbergasting. It looks
like a film *right *up my alley; in fact, I've had somewhat similar ideas in
the past, and to see something like this will be hitting theaters... is
exciting. Whatever it is, it looks like it's going to be incredibly well
done. If the movie's half as exciting as the trailer - wow. I am not saying
this is a WWI film... but it's got enough of the Great War in it, it looks
like, to please many of us greatly.

It almost looks like *Girl, Interrupted *meets *Inception *meets *Shutter
Island *meets *All Quite on the Western Front*, with a little *Hellboy *and
*Sin City *thrown in for good measure. If that combination sounds so wild as
to be goofy... I tell you I really, really think they're on to something,

Can't wait for opening night.


Post-Script: Their are giant Samurais, too.
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