[WWI] Quiet, so heres a Dep fuselage

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
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Thanks Nick, you're very graphic! I can't say it really justifies the technique,
I think it only proves that you can reach the same result in a most surprising fashion
and it was quite fun, but I won't be doing it again.
As for medals I don't care.........I just want to beat Shane!

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Neil, you are doing a handstand on a skateboard whizzing along a trapeze wire 50 ft above the line between genius and madness.... I like it. It is really starting to take shape and justify the techniques you have used. There could be a medal in this for you.



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Subject: [WWI] Quiet, so heres a Dep fuselage

Just a little bit of progress on the Dep, it's all smoothed down with milliput,
and the cockpit has moved forward since the last photos, you can see the
inlay at the rear. This still leave the fuel tank and wing-spar in the right place.
I'm rather proud that I remembered to incorporate a hole for the rudder wires
on the upper rear fuselage side The interior is looking a bit worse for wear now, so
I may have to rip it out and clean up. In any case I got side-tracked, and am
now busy making 12 airliner style seats for something completely different.
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