[WWI] Rocky and Bullwinkle

Helen and Chris 2kermavio at orange.fr
Thu Nov 4 21:29:04 EDT 2010

Having lived a gentle life where Rocky & Bullwinkle did not intrude, I resorted to You-tube to find out about these two heros.

Big mistake.

The first manifestation looked like an old Hanna and Barbera cartoon with the (lack of) humour I remembered from the days of Huckleberry Hound.

The second was a sort of Roger Rabbit effect of 3D cartoon with real people.  "Humour" was based on flatulence and foul language. 

How sadly juvenile.

At my age, gas is a fairly frequent companion.  And, even though they pepper my daily life, the Anglo-Saxon utterances have become commonplace.  Nothing funny there, then.

The small grey creature in the second manifestation wore something which may have been akin to a WW1 flying helmet.  Or a swimming cap.  Whatever, it was pale blue.  I'm now retreating back into my shell, sincerely hoping that I'll never come into contact with these unpleasant creatures again.

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