[WWI] Morane Saltshaker

Pedro Soares pnsoares1 at netcabo.pt
Wed Oct 28 19:13:20 EDT 2009

Hmmm... (comment to self) That's clever....He only quotes those where he
manages to fool the judges....~


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>LOL, thanks Steve for reminding me why I don't do competitions any
>Except Telford
>and maybe a few others.
>but really not.
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>> > That is looking great. I'm very impressed. I assume you
>> intend to fly it
>> > too? Insane!
>> Absolutely, may even land it if I'm good, (and lucky)
>> And might I add, "I assume you intend to display it on a
>> waist high contest
>> table vulnerable to the candy and grime coated fingers of the
>> unsupervised,
>> mouth-breathing offspring of that loud, sloppy oaf
>> passionately arguing the
>> shade of color on the umpteenth mark of a  one-oh-thingie
>> three tables over?
>> Insane."
>> sp
>> =

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