[WWI] Wingnut specualting

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
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Nothing exciting, it's the wreckage of a model once given to me.
Enough to see that it was once a nice kit.
I wouldn't spend good money on 1/32 kits, when I can waste it on
obscure racers in 1/72.

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"Sort of"? I detect a good story behind that. What happened?
Yes, they're on different scales, but there's always someone who would stare carelessly at you painstakingly modified Revell kit and say "Ah, those perfect Wingnut kits! They're so accurate that they're boring to assemble, ain't them?"
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You mean the Revell 1/28 kit? Indeed I do sort of have one, and agree it is sweet.
But even so 1/28 is 1/28 and 1/32 is..... well...... 1/32.
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