[WWI] Karayah new kits

Michael Moore maxwinthrop at yahoo.com
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Check the prices over at Joe's Models
The 1/72 Ansaldo Balilla is $25 vs $39 at Roll.
Seamew is $45 vs $65 at Roll.
I'm not sure what the difference in price is all about, but give Joe a look.

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Hi Mr.T;

They have a website http://www.karaya.ceti.pl/eng/eng2.html. You can order 
direct or there are links to the hobby shops which carry their stuff. The 
kit is not posted as yet. Damn, I had just decided that the Fly Roland D.VI 
would be my last purchase before Christmas.


Cough Cough!!!  I went to Roll, one of my fav's.  Wow!  Kraya is PROUD ($$$)
of  their work!!!

I used to be able to buy a decent RC kit for those prices.

Do I really want to help the Polish economy that much>


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