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     I may end up scratch building anyway since my scale is 1/72.  However,
I would like to have the kit if anything as a guide.

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  Have you ever seen one of their models in the flesh? I have a few of their

  They are ok. I think I could scratchbuild better. I'm not a scratch
builder either. I felt they weren't worth the money.

  My two cents... Good luck with your search.
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  I'm throwing this out to all our "Listers".  I'm interested in acquiring
the TC MODELS 1/48 scale resin kit of the 40 ft Coastal Motor Boat (CMB).  I
know TC MODELS no longer exists, but I'm asking if anyone on the "List"
either has the kit and may be willing to part with it or knows someone that
has one and its possible availability?  Thanks in advance for any info
concerning this matter.

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