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Thanks, Eric and J.R..  It's an honor to be posted with you guys.  Yeah, it's funny about the Hanriot and the Ni28.  Both rejected at home, yet successful in the hands of their recipients.  Kind of like the Airacobra in WWII.  We hated it, the Russians loved it.  Go figure. 
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Nice job on those, Bud. And two of my favorite subjects! 

 Interestingly, they are both French planes that were passed over to other countries...a mini series! 

  Did you add colors to the posters on the Nieuport , or did they come full color? 

      Again, really nice! 

                                                      J.R. Boye 

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  Bud Pearson sent in his first model pics 
Hanriot HD .1 
See http :// www . wwi -models.org/Images/ PearsonBud /Allied/index. html #HanriotHD1 
or see news. 
WWI Web Admin 
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