[WWI] OTF Convention

Mike Vice jmikl2957 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 21 01:23:25 EDT 2009

Back from the convention and it was great fun.  I finally met Mike Muth and that makes me an ace.  (Though I didn't actually shoot him down.  I would have, if he'd tried to join me and Mike Carr, et al., in a game of Dawn Patrol.)

Going to the airfield and seeing the engines of the Jenny and the 80 LeRhone on the Fokker Dr.I (no 110hp Oberursels available) fired up was a real treat.  Maybe we can convince the powers-that-be to hold the next convention in Albany or Poughkeepsie so we could go to Rhinebeck for our convention excursion...

Alternatively, there's a new treat for California residents: in Paso Robles, near Fresno (are you listening, Dennis?), Javier Arrogono (sp?), as part of a new group called The Aerodrome Collection, has about 20 FLYING replicas of everything from the standard Nieuport, Spad, and Camel to a D.VIII "Flying Razor" to a Snipe!  Maybe Fresno will be the locale for our next convention...

You guys missed a good one!

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