[WWI] Jasta 40 Diorama

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Oct 19 11:07:01 EDT 2009

> I was thinking along the same lines, in our climate and I imagine most
> of western europe, any white structure (like for instance our house) 
> quickly
> goes a dirty off-white colour with a touch of green. I believe it's algae 
> growth,
> I imagine tent cloth would be light-grey to start with but very quickly 
> turn
> into an uneven light grey-green-black colour.

I guess that tents were moved to and fro frequently, and probably most of 
them were placed in relatively windy and exposed areas not to grow moss or 
algae. Perhaps they turned grey or dirty with dust and smoke, stained with 
paints, oils, and whatever they had in the workshops inside, and/or the 
tents were stored when not in use (I imagine that they were used mainly in 
temporary advanced airfields in summer) since these simple dwellings 
shouldn't withstand too well a snowstorm or offer much protection to an 
airplane if they crumple under the weight of snow.

> (also feeling a bit diarama-ish after this discussion)

 You're such a diarama queen!

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> > Field grey, heavily pre-shaded?
> Shaded with moss? Quite a wet season in the Jasta aerodrome...
> D.

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