Thedo Andre Thedo.Andre at net.HCC.nl
Sun Oct 18 12:00:45 EDT 2009

I am now convinced that at least the wings were newly covered and painted 
light blue with a gloss overcoat. As there are no real signs of repairs to 
the fuselage this may as well be completely re-covered. There are no traces 
of the black cross and the numbers are neatly applied at the same position 
as the original FOK/ number. The paint there does not look like it has been 
touched up. There is light area above the tailplane which does not look like 
a repair patch, but as if they just forgot to apply the streaks. The 
fuselage fabric was a single piece wrapped around and joined on the bottom 
center line. I think I will assume that the fuselage base coat was also 
light blue. The light areas near the wing would than be natural fabric as 
Mark suggests.

The colour of the streaks is described as olive, olive brown, olive drab or 
olive green. For the moment I selected Gunze H78. Would that be a proper 


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