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Hi Paul,

This is probably one of the AEGs built under license by Fokker when he was on the outs with the authorities due to the rise of the Albatri.  In the AEG Datafile there are many photos of C IVs at his factory.  I think they were used mainly as trainers.  HTH


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Any opinions on the photo at this link?  http://ipms.freeforums.org/post2616.html#p2616
The poster is asking , among other things, what colour the top wings should be. 
He thinks CDL, I think not, unless they recovered the wings (not impossible, 
because they seem to have done that to the rudder, to remove the cross, although 
it could be paint. Why I don't think CDL is because Fokker built machines, from 
my reading of the Datafile, had typical Fokker streaky camo as on the fuselage 
here, if early, and then got disruptive camo if later production. And this is a 
machine from September 1917. I think any camo pattern on the lower wing has 
been washed out by the same glare you see on the top of the 
The other unexplained bit is the light area at the bottom of the fuselage sides 
behind the lower wing - either it's CDL and the fuselage streaks are painted 
over a darker colour, or the lower fuselage has been painted a light colour. 

Any ideas, please?
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