[WWI] Rigging Question

Pedro Soares pnsoares1 at netcabo.pt
Tue Oct 13 18:52:28 EDT 2009

Hi guys


I've been away for a while due to work pressure but things have eased up a
bit lately and it seems that until the end of the year I might have a bit
more time at hand so I will try to give a peep here more often, since I have
missed the fun here.


So let me just contribute a tip regarding making holes for the control
wires: these should not be drilled perpendicular to the surface of the
fuselage. .3 mm bits are flexible enough to allow you to start perpendicular
and then, as you drill in, angle the pin vise so that you end up with a hole
drilled at the shallowest possible angle. This might sound irrelevant, but
if you do like this the wire will exit the fuselage straight, while if it
exits the fuselage at a 90 deg.  angle you'll get a rather unrealistic curve
on exiting the hole.




PS. The other reason I returned is because Shane and Neil need someone to
look after them and Paul is busy looking after Diego!





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