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I joined about 1967, I think. #3406. I've been a consistent member ever since.
Stuck around SF Bay Area chapters lo these many years. Started with IPMS Northern California, which begat IPMS Golden Gate, Yerba Buena, back to Golden Gate, etc. Now the closest chapter is Santa Rosa, which is the best yet.
This area has given birth to some of the best, and earliest, masters and after-market firms. George Lee, Dave "Bo" Boksanski, Larry Templeton and many others have graced us with the best models in the country over the years. We also had the worst in a seriously disturbed individual who was so nuts that the national president felt obliged to carry self-protection on the off chance that they should meet at the Nationals in Seattle.
After-market firms have included SAAD and Exact-A-Cal Decals; Modeler's Journal; my own MAI/ESM 72 as well as several books, after-market conversions and the like. Some of the best regional contests are held in the SF Bay Area and what many members consider the best Nationals ever occurred in 1974, put together by a small group of IPMS old-timers who chartered a chapter with that one convention alone as a goal. 
Chapters have come and gone, but this area remains one of the country's most active.
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