[WWI] Rigging question

Stuart Milliken milliken at psmail.net
Mon Oct 12 00:12:00 EDT 2009

> You're thinking too hard! ...I dab one end of a cut piece of line  
> into a pool of CA glue and insert that end into the hole in the  
> fuselage and then hit it with accelerator.


> I just drill the hole and then  hold the end in place with a drop of  
> superglue (CA).

Thanks for the quick responses!  It seems I'm envisioning something a  
bit different than what may usually be done.  In period photos and  
photos of a museum example I see the holes for the control lines to be  
quite a bit larger than the diameter of the line itself.  The look I'd  
like to replicate is that of the line going into such a relatively  
large hole in the fuselage, loosely contained by the hole and  
apparently anchored deeper within the fuselage.  Thus the hole itself  
cannot be filled with CA holding the line in place.  Am I perhaps  
aiming for an unrealistic level of "realism" in this case for 1/48?


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