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You're thinking too hard!
I drill holes in the Fuselage before painting using a #80 bit.  Then as one of the last steps in the build, I do the rigging of the control lines.  I use .005 monofilament (invisible thread actually) for the rigging.  I dab one end of a cut piece of line into a pool of CA glue and insert that end into the hole in the fuselage and then hit it with accelerator.  Then strecth the line to the control horn and glue it there, and trim the excess off.  You can take up a little slack with heat.
Just make sure to start at the fuselage and work to the control horns.
Mike Moore

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I'm now planning out my first rigging job (1/48 Eduard Nieuport 11).  I've read through all of the rigging articles I can find, but can't find the answer to one specific question:

When rigging rudder and elevator controls, the forward end of the wire "disappears" into a hole in the side of the fuselage--no turnbuckle or other visible attachment point.  So how, then, does one secure this end of the line after the fuselage is closed, and how does one achieve any tension on the line?  All I can think of is to attach the line from the inside of the fuselage prior to joining the fuselage halves, but that means having all these lines dangling around when I paint the fuselage.  I've considered trying to make some kind of mini expanding anchor such as used for putting picture hooks into drywall, but can't fabricate something small enough that works.  Training ants as riggers and fitters has met with even less success.

Please, what's the secret?


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