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I guess I joined IPMS in 1965 or 65.  I lived in the Detroit area and our group used to receive the IPMS/UK magazines and stuff them in an envelope with the IPMS/USA quarterly to mail to members.  At that time, Jerry Campbell was a Detroit Public School substitute teacher and his wife, Judy worked for public health.  A hobby shop named Warbirds opened and featured imported kits, parts and accessories for the first time.  I moved to Brazil in 1973 and had to drop my membership.  I found modelers down there and joined their local club.  In 1978, I moved to Venezuela and rejoined IPMS/USA again.  Recently I was able to get my original number back.  Back in the US in 1987, I have been members of clubs in Warren, MI and then here in Kalamazoo. Plastic modeling is a great hobby but large movements help to keep the number of finished models in check and make you really think about how many books and magazines you want to move.

IPMS 1096

Still building 1/72
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