[WWI] Jasta 40 Diorama

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Looking for something like this?

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  All of this talk about Pheon decals has got me reinvigorated about an aerodrome diorama using Pheon's Jasta 40 sheet in 1/72.  So, three questions:

      1.  Does anyone know whether plans exist for creating a German wooden hangar--dimensions, etc.?
      2.  Same question for a canvas one?
      3.  It appears that Roden would have any type of D.VII that I could need, but even at RollModels they're more than $8 each, so a whole Jasta could get pricey.  The Revell D.VII is only about $5, however.  Does anyone know which version this is--Fokker, Alb, OAW; early/late?


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