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Helen and Chris 2kermavio at orange.fr
Thu Oct 8 19:01:14 EDT 2009

Hi James,

thanks for your reply.  In the comparatively short time I've been a listee, I've turned into a sponge.  Trying to soak up the huge amount knowledge that is imparted on a daily basis here!

One of the bits of information, if I've understood correctly, is that many modellers build a number of variations of the same aircraft.  And I have no doubt that many modellers have toyed with the idea of creating a complete squadron - or Jasta!  For them, Rowan's decals must be manna from heaven.

I'm yet to receive my first order, but if they are as good as everyone seems to think, then I doubt if I would want to share them.  Just in case I wanted to build another varient!


  Hi Chris
  You may certainly disagree with me! I wonder though how many modellers will build more than a couple of options? If the cost is shared with others that would certainly reduce the cost, but I have refrained from noting this in my reviews as I didn't want to negatively affect sales (Rowan already operates on fairly short runs). Everyone has different perceptions of value for money. I think they're definitely worth the money but some folk on other forums have commented negatively on this.

  I have a pre-release version of the Jasta 40 decals and I think they're possibly Rowan's best yet. Hertel's winged dagger is superb!

  Happy Modelling
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