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Nicklas, Brian NicklasB at si.edu
Thu Oct 8 13:09:53 EDT 2009

For those of you who recall visiting the Smithsonian up to the early 80s, you may recall an M1917 tank sitting outside between the Arts & Industries Building and the "Castle" right by the outdoor missile display.
The tank and the missiles were all moved before the Air and Space Museum opened in 1976, but what happened to that tank?

This week was the Assn of the US Army Convention in DC, and in the convention hall was a display for the Capital Campaign for the National Museum of the US Army to be built at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.  The centerpiece of the exhibit was a fully restored M1917, which is that very same tank.  It evidently has bounced around DC a little bit after leaving the Smithsonian, Ft McNair, Ft. Belvoir, etc, but was recently refurbished for the new facility.  It really looked nice, but sadly I didn't have my camera, not even my cell phone camera with me.


This should show it in a press release:

-          Brian

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