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Helen and Chris 2kermavio at orange.fr
Wed Oct 7 19:16:41 EDT 2009

Having read the "rave reviews" by Matt and Bud and then gone to James' reviews and seen what is on offer, may I disagree with you James?

You describe both the DR.l and the Pup decals as being rather expensive.  I don't remember the prices for the tonka-toy scales but if £12.75 was the price for one aircraft, then I would agree.  But for 10 (in the case of the Pup)?

£1.28 ($2.04) for one aeroplane!  Sheesh, compare that with the prices being asked by sellers on e-Bay for Blue Rider or whatever.  Then add on Rowans detailed extras!!

If my maths are correct, the DR.l's work out at something like 43p ($0.69) per aeroplane.

With respect, James, I don't consider that expensive.  But, just in case Rowan is a listee, his prices are spot on!!

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