[WWI] Matt's Nieuport 17 Bis interior

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Great job, Matt.  You've inspired me to start mine. 
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Everything is kit except: 

Seat/cushion/belts (Eduard) 
Foot troughs (Tom's) 
Side apperatus to hold the (Tom's) 
"Control switch" (Tom's) 

Stuart, I haven't decided if I'll be in KC next weekend (the 17th, 
right?) because I have a Barbershop competition this Saturday, and the 
Saturday after the KC show is our annual fall show.  We'll see... 

Matt Bittner 

P.S. Thanks all for the comments.  The cockpit is not complete in any 
stretch, but "good enough right now". :-) 

Dave Calhoun wrote: 
> Nice job Matt! looks better than what comes in the Eduard 1/48 and 
> 1/72 kits.  Is this supplied in the kit? looks like PE for the foot 
> troughs and probably the seat with all those holes.  unfortunately 
> when you gle the halves together and add an upper wing it will be all 
> but invisible :) 
> Dave 
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> Jim Landon wrote: 
> > <<I may take a photo of the cockpit before hand - haven't decided yet. 
> > ;-) >> 
> > 
> > Please please please please. 
> Okay, fine. :-) 
> Matt 
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