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Hooper, Dave Dave.Hooper at Clarks.com
Mon Oct 5 07:50:56 EDT 2009

>I have one of those cut out and ready to sand. Since it's from the
>fill-the-grooves period of rib treatment,how are you dealing with that?
>the Sopwith Cuckoo I've used 1mm square Evergreen strip and a lot of
>sanding, but found the kit plastic to be much softer than the strip,
>is slowing down things a lot.

Hi Paul

Theres's two issues here, one is with the rib detail and the other is
that the wings are I believe slightly short and possibly narrow (chord).
In order to sort out the wing length I took the centre section of the
upper wing and used this to cut out the lower wing sections. I then
scratchbuilt a new upper centre section. All the parts were extensively
sanded and shaped before skinning with embossed Evergreen 5 thou
plasticard which also extended the chord. Quite a time consuming method,
but I am very pleased with the results having never used (or been able
to obtain) such thin plasticard in the past. The only slight issue I
have, which I didn't resolve is that the curve of the wings is a little
too severe. If you like I'll send you some photos off list.

BTW: I like the camel, beautiful colour scheme.



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