[WWI] [WW Watta you duin? was List inactive?]

Mike Muth mikemuth at ptd.net
Sun Oct 4 23:11:10 EDT 2009

Been there.....doing that. Shudder.....
Mike Muth

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Sadly I'm working on two things, both ot, at least one is a biplane, you
know the one that flew in 1932 in England, named after a four winged flying
insect.  That's 1/4 scale powered by an YS 91 FS.

The other styrene project has rising suns on a thunderbolt.

I guess I'd better get back to a real OT project


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Matt says "Just thought I would update the list with what I'm currently
working on".

	Being easily lead, I'll follow suit. I just completed an Eduard
Camel, the photos for which are awaiting approval via the online submission
tool - can take 2 or 3 weeks or 2 or 3 hours depending on how much real life
is pestering the estimable Sanjeev, or whoever gets the short straw. What is
still under active construction is a Libramodels Sopwith Cuckoo, which just
scrapes in as OT even though they didn't get used in anger. Nice kit, but
the interplane strut locations are not marked on the wings, and since there
are 3 bays it's taking some time. Plus the single surface lower wings are
too thin to pin, so attaching them will be a bit iffy.

	After a whole year periodically hunting through the stash I finally
recovered the CMR Sopwith Dolphin from the hole it had been lurking in, and
am restarting that any minute now, having just re-read Pedro Soares 2006
build article in IM.

	Oh, nearly forgot, after a week of paint drying I can get on with
the WNW
F2b that's throwing itself together. The fuselage is built - I just needed
to replace the control column with a more typical wartime scratched item.
And the wing sections are all glued together. They really clip together very
precisely. After I finish the paintwork I'll start bringing the
sub-assemblies together.

	As for ot, well, I wouldn't sully your ears.......


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