[WWI] Bounced & Book miracle

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What is the name of your local hobby shop, Tom, and what city is it in?
I'll be in the Rohnert Park area on Saturday.

                                      J.R. Boye

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I got the same message twice over the last couple of weeks.
Just hit the re-subscribe notation and all seems well. 
Stopped by our local hobby shop on Tuesday just to say hello. The owner had moved to a new, much smaller location and has been very ill of late.
Somebody gave him a few dozen books as partial payment for something and he was selling it all. I grabbed The Imperial Russian Air Service by Durkota et al for $44!!! He's holding the huge book on French aircraft for me as well. No price yet, but I'm hoping for about $50. I think that there were other, smaller OT and lots of excellent ot stuff. 
It works for both of us. I get books that I have never been able to afford before and he gets some much needed cash. I'm also going to come in once or twice a week to help out as he needs help but can't afford to pay anyone.
Still looking for color photos of completed 1/72 WWI subjects. Thanks to those who have helped so far.
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