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Thanks, Paul.  Hannants has it in stock.  I'm surprised Colin hasn't got it. 
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Hi everyone, 

I just ordered Aeroclub's 1/48 FE2b based on everything I saw and read on 
our site.  I'm on a pusher kick now and thinking about Blue Max's Gunbus . 
I haven't seen anything posted on the site so I was wondering...have any of 
you started building it or seen it?  Any opinions? 



        I have one in the stash - to be honest I don't think it was Gannon's best 
moment there - my copy is very rough, with wing TEs on the order of a couple 
of mm. The tailplane is the worst.. Seems accurate enough, but what has put 
me off starting it is the tank at the rear being moulded as one with the 
fuselage. The Pegasus kit handled this better. The white metal is well cast 
and includes the interplane struts and undercarriage, other struts from the 
provided stock as usual. Could do with more interior detail adding. Booms 
are bits of stiff wire and will take a lot of care setting up. 

        Decals are well printed, as usual. 

        In short, it's buildable , but much more work than the FE2b (which I have 
built). If you can look in the box before you buy so you can avoid a bad 
moulding I'd go for it. Not currently available from Freightdog but worth 
asking about. 

         HTH ,        Paul. 

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