[WWI] Collecting Kits

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Jul 31 10:34:32 EDT 2007

Unfortunately, the Naglo never had its lines taken! Besides I don't want to feel guilty about making you gain weight with all those ice cream you'll need to eat to get a few plastic lids!
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  Hi Diego,

  I've got an idea; send me the plans for the Naglo and I'll turn some ice crean lids into a model and voila' ! , someone will kit it! It's sod's law......



  Diego Fernetti <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar> wrote:
    > I collect "potential kits." I have a whole sh__-load of styrene ice cream 
    > tub lids
    > that I will eventually turn into something that looks like a model 
    > aeroplane.
    > We ALL do it in one way or another......

    My only consolation is that my own collection keeps me away from food!
    been reading your article on the Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 conversion. What a 
    smart piece! 

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