[WWI] Windsock erratum

Hugh Beyts hugh at sensorydimensions.com
Mon Jul 30 07:13:11 EDT 2007

Paul wrote:
<There's a letter in the latest Windsock about the Lloyd C.V woodgrain 

question. I must point out that by changing the word 'he' (Hugh Beyts)

'I' (me), this letter now refers to the alternate reality where I met

Platner, whereas in this reality it was Hugh. Sorry about that. I

got the original email and can't remember if I slipped up or it's an

mistake. I also need to clarify that when I described the discussion as 

bootless I was merely referring to it's inconclusiveness.

Oo er, and I wasn't demeaning Mr Pearson either, although my comment

maybe that way out of context.


End of public butt-covering service announcement.




Long may your butt be covered! 

Slighly breathless that my model is still causing doubt as I thought we
had concluded once we put our boots back on that the grain ran spanwise.

Go on, finish the model!

Look forward to seeing both it and Peter's article.

I still maintain that chordwise would give a torsionally stiffer wing
but that is just a feeling, not evidence that the grain ran that way,
more a sour grapes attitude plus my own experience from balsa days and
the old Kiel Kraft range of rubber powered 'scale' flying models.

Heme (erratum)

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