[WWI] Windsock erratum............

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OK, so there's no definitive photographic evidence?  I think the most 
supportive evidence is the factory specs but that's not complete proof, I 


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> >Does the Windsock article reveal anything further?
>Not really. If you recall, the R/C listees had something to say about how 
>you'd logically expect the grain to run, and with his dark R/C past Rimell 
>tends to agree, i.e. you'd expect it to follow the line of the spars so it 
>would curve more easily. He also says he's been promised a build article by 
>Mr Plattner, which may clear it up a bit. Must admit, if it turns out my 
>model is incorrect I doubt I'll get around to doing it again. Well, not for 
>a few years, anyway.
>I'd still like to know, though.
>Paul T.

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