[WWI] Collecting Kits

Christopher Malany cmm-saj at snet.net
Sat Jul 28 09:19:59 EDT 2007

Hi, Tom:

I'm afraid I fall in the same category.  I have a lot
of interests, just within modeling, and fell victim to
AMS well before anyone had diagnosed it.  So, with
every kit, I need references, detail parts and
aftermarket decals.  The result fills my bedroom,
attic, and a rental storage unit.  Though I seldom
actually finish a project, I am NOT a kit collector. 
Every model I've ever bought has been to build, and
I've never picked up a scarce kit because it will be
"valuable" someday.  I've come to believe in the
Buddhist doctrine of reincarnation - I can probably
complete all the kits in five or six lifetimes! 

- Chris Malany
--- Tom Mason <tom.mason at charter.net> wrote:

> I have close to 2,000 inbuilt kits. Ot an ot of
> aircraft, armor, some ships, a few Sci-Fi, & a few
> cars. My friends call me a collector. My answer is I
> am a builder. I know I will not get them all built.
> A good number of the kits are OOP so they hard to
> come by, so I buy kits when they are released as I
> know they will not be in production forever. When I
> am dead they are my son's and he can do as he
> pleases with them. I also buy books and mags and
> such on the things I build and the histories of
> those who designed, built and used them. You all
> know it is a lot easier and quicker to buy a model
> than to build it. I have been building models off
> and on since I was 8 and this September I will be
> 62. So I have had a lot of time to buy.
> T.O.M.
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>   Hello all,
>   It seems that my interest in WWI aviation is not
> only enjoying the build and what I have accomplished
> afterwards, but I am starting to realize that a good
> portion of my enjoyment is acquiring the kits.  It
> has become humorous for me to get my wife to say
> "Another mode! ??"  I am going to have to find
> another place to store my beloved kits because my
> present little bit of real estate is starting to
> dwindle.  I am not close to triple digit kit
> quantity yet, but I might get there soon.  Anyone
> else have a jones for buying with all good
> intentions of building them....someday?  
>   Regards,
>   Jeff

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