[WWI] Painting cockpit coamings.

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Fri Jul 27 10:19:49 EDT 2007

Diego Fernetti <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar> escribió:    Patrick!
> Do any of the list's experts have any tips for successfully painting a 
> model's coaming?
> All I have done previously is brush paint them using Model Master paints 
> and a small brush but my work
> never seems satisfactory. Is that the usual technique? Do you all then 
> hide the imperfections with an oil
> wash around the outer edge?

>Unfortunately, all I have ever done is to use a small brush and >Humbrol 
>paint. Two things to consider, though:
>1- Well stirred (or shaken!) paint, thinned to a convenient >consistency. The 
>amount of thinner to use depends on your judgement and preference, >but I aim 
>to give the enamel the flow of milk, for instance.
>2- Use a small, good quality sable brush, with a pointed end. Buy it >at the 
>art store, and be prepared to invest some $ for it. However, if well >cared 
>and cleaned, it may last several years. Dip just the tip of the hairs in >the 
>paint, don't let it run over the ferrule. This will give you more flexible 
>strokes and will aid you to follow any contour, especially that of the >lower 
>edge of the coaming.
>Work in a well lighted enviroment and prop some books or something >like that 
>over your table to paint close to your eyes, and comfortable enough >to see 
>what you're brushing.
>In case of a mistake, don't go over a prior brushtroke because you'll >leave 
>a mark there. Leave as it is, and correct later with the fuselage >colour 
>when the "leather" is dry. A small brushstroke of enamel will rarely >leave a 
>trace in relief once it's dry. Or else, it was drop, and should be sanded 
>Personally, I think that an oil wash could only be useful if you're 
>depicting a plane whose pilot hasn't used shampoo for a long, long >time. 

  Brush painting technique from Rembrandt himself !, bravo!


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