[WWI] Another veteran passed on today

Steve Cox steve at oldglebe.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Jul 26 13:54:20 EDT 2007

> from the telegraph.co.uk today:
> William Young, Great War veteran dies aged 107
> One of Britain's last surviving First World War veterans has died aged 107,
> leaving only five British survivors of the 1914-18 campaign.
> William Young, a former trench-based radio operator, was the last known
> veteran of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC), the forerunner of the Royal Air
> Force.
> He died in his sleep earlier this week in Perth, Western Australia, where he
> lived with his wife May and their son.
> The eldest of six children, Mr Young was born in Lanarkshire in 1900. After
> moving from Scotland when he was 13, he enlisted in the RFC on his 18th
> birthday and trained as a radio operator.
> In a memoir dictated for his family, Mr Young described how he narrowly
> escaped death in France when a German shell exploded three metres from his
> trench. "A fragment went through my jacket but missed my chest," he said.
> In 1998 he was awarded the Legion d'honneur by the French government in
> recognition of his service there in 1918.
> Of the five million British service personnel serving at the end of the First
> World War, only five are still alive, three of whom live in Britain.
William Young pictured during the First World War

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