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I wonder if my wife, whose maiden name is Healey, is any relation?

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>I was contacted by Bill Emerson, the Curator of the Healey museum in
>Virginia.  Donald Healey joined the RFC at the age of 18, flew with No 33 
>75 and the No 100 sqns. With No 100, he was in the first batch to go over 
>France.  No 100 was the first night Bomber squadron to be ever formed.  He
>was shot down in a Fee on one of the first missions (due to friendly fire).
>Before that he flew anti-zeppelin home defense, and was also a flying
>instructor.  According to his notes, he flew BE2c, BE2e, the FE2b and the
>FE2d.  After discharge he went into race car development, and the
>Austin-Healey is named after him.
>   I was surprised to learn that he got his pilot's wings as a corporal - I
>thought that the non-officer pilot was a very rare bird.
>   Bill Emerson has Healey's pilot logbook, his notes, his RFC badge and
>photos, and is planning to put up a  WWI  section to the Healey museum.  He
>is looking for models of the BE2c and BE2e, the Farman Longhorn (I have
>alreday offered him my Fee which conveniently happens to be in the No 100
>colour scheme).  If you are interested in parting with your model, you can
>contact him via email at TheHealeyMuseum at aol.com.
>By the way, No 100 sqn Badge is a skull and cross-bones and has an interest
>motto! Look it up.  Was it ever the practice during WWI to paint the
>insignia on the aircraft ?
>Is it also true that No 100 was the first ever Night Bomber squadron in the
>world ?  Shouldn't the Zeppelins count as the first ?


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