[WWI] Look What the Postman Left Me Today

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Michael Mc,

    Nice "bid" and "win" and for a great price.  Congratulations!

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  A real treasure: a copy of Saint Harry's book (Scale Model Aircraft in
Plastic Card by Harry Woodman), which I found and won on "evilBay" three
weeks ago. Total cost including postage from the UK was only $13.32! I had a
copy of this when it was first published, but lost it somehow/somewhere over
the years and have been looking for a replacement copy ever since. The cover
and spine are a little worn around the edges, but the book is otherwise in
good condition and will occupy pride of place in my modeling reference

  "EvilBay" isn't so evil any longer!

  Michael McMurtrey
  IPMS-USA #1746
  Carrollton, Texas
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