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Jo_cri <jo_cri at libero.it> escribió:          >Hello all,
  >1) I am currently building a Fokker AIII/EIII in 1/72 (Eduard profipack) >I would like to know if the planes with serial #'s 03.45 and 03.42 were >also painted green like the 03.52.
  >2) The photo on page 37 of the Osprey #46 "Austro-Hungarian Aces >of WWI" shows 2 eindeckers with red/white/red wingtips does >anyone know how the rest of the aircraft would have been painted, >are there any other examples of these types of markings available?
  Early AH planes didn´t have a standarized colour scheme so it´s best to base our models from pictures of the actual plane, although they may be hard to find. Regarding the Fokker monoplanes and early biplanes in AH service, most of the pictures from the book "Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One" (the best reference on the subject) shows them to be clear doped linen, so I´d paint the models that way. The green E.III probably came from witnesses reports or froom  pictures where it appears "dark" for whatever reason.

  >4) Regarding Italian aircraft I have read that Alberto Casirati has >pointed out a few inaccuracies regarding the plates in the book >"Italian Aces of WWI and their Aircraft / "Assi dell'aviazione italiana >nella Grande Guerra (Gli)" can anyone tell me what they are?
  I´m not sure about it, but it may be related to the colours of the Italian-built Nieuport-Macchi Ni-11s. The book features many colour profiles of them painted Aluminium, but some pictures suggest a darker/dull colour, probably pea green.

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