[WWI] Lewis Gun Firing

michael wuyek mawuyek at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 20 12:16:14 EDT 2007

I think this shooting range was featured on History Channel's "Mail Call", of at least something similar. They were shooting into old cars, old refrigerators, etc. Ernie was in seventh heaven. Yeah, it was kind of creepy. You must wonder how the neighboors feel. 
  My friend has a firing range next to his property in western Maryland. There is no  supervision there (not to mention no local police), and one Friday night a group of teenagers were not only firing guns, they were setting fire to old refrigerators (there is a dump at the top of the hill). He went there to complain, didn't accopmlish much except getting license plates (He noticed all the cars were high end, ie., not from the area) 
  They did a segment on the Lewis gun on Mail Call once, but failed to mention that Lewis left the U.S. in disgust of lack of military interest and set up shop in France. Interesting also (or creepy) that the majority of machine guns used in Europe during WWI came from U;S. designers (Maxim - (Vickers, Spandau & Parabellum), Hotchkiss and Lewis).

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