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Eduard did not take it from us here at NASM - we would have told them to do "Stropp" properly if they had.


And has been pointed out, Cooper Details did indeed make replacements the proper size in 1/48 and 1/72, but Roy Sutherland has been too busy with 21st Century Toys so Cooper Details is in limbo - I don't think he's totally written it off, but he isn't taking orders right now.


- Brian



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Christopher Anderson <andersonbuckeye at sbcglobal.net> escribió: 

>Hi Folks, in regard to the latest Eduard mold of the Alb D.V in 1/48, >wasn't there an issue with the wheels and/or landing gear struts >being too small? Has anyone ever mastered replacements, or >otherwise have a solution?






Hi Chris,



I´ve seen that kit, I think Eduard tooled it from the Smithsonian Museum restored D.V, so be careful because many parts of it are replacements, not original ones, such as the wheel covers. Also the tires are different sizes compared to the original planes, the same for the propeller (D.III instead of D.V), spinner, etc. Unfortunately, the only way to ascertain the replacement parts is to read the Smithsonian Museum book on the Albatros D.V, long out of print, authored by Robert C. Mikesh (Formerly Chief Curator of the museum, now retired).






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