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This I very much doubt. I know that during the repeat performance Italian single-engined aircraft were all assymetric in that the half span on one side was slightly greater than the other side of the aircraft to counter the engine torque. 
  I cannot imagine how different sized ailerons would assist unless some form of differential control was applied, in which case a larger aileron would prove beneficial in rotating the aircraft against the engine torque. However, I have seen neither of these features. 

Nigel Cheffers-Heard <su3264 at eclipse.co.uk> wrote:
  Could it be that with everything being very close to the CofG, there 
is very little moment on all the controls, but you still have the 
same old amount of torque coming from the motor.
Could also explain "differential" ailerons, but I've never known of 

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On 18 Jul 2007, at 22:39, Steven Perry wrote:

> I seem to recall something about different L & R aileron size on 
> Fokker Dr.Is. Is this so and if so, which aileron was larger.
> My R/C Dr.I is a real squirrel to fly. It does not want to trun 
> right even with rudder mixed with the ailerons. I'm trying to 
> figure out why and just can't recall the details of the aileron 
> issue on Dr.Is Can anyone set me straight?
> Thx
> sp

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