[WWI] Dr.I ailerons

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 18 20:12:43 EDT 2007

Been a jillion years but iirc, the port side aileron had a smidge more area, 
but this was a feature found only on the first prototypes, or maybe just the 
first production batch. On the stbd aileron, the first three ribs(inboard 
going out) were stepped: the 2nd rib was longer than the first but shorter 
than the 3rd. On the port side aileron, the 2nd rib was full length. If you 
have the Apostolo/Begnozzi profile book, this feature is shown on the Dr-1 
5-view drawings.
I'd send a scan but I lost my copy in a flood. :-)

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>Subject: [WWI] Dr.I ailerons
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>I seem to recall something about different L & R aileron size on Fokker 
>Dr.Is. Is this so and if so, which aileron was larger.
>My R/C Dr.I is a real squirrel to fly. It does not want to trun right even 
>with rudder mixed with the ailerons. I'm trying to figure out why and just 
>can't recall the details of the aileron issue on Dr.Is  Can anyone set me 


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