[WWI] Added:RAF Se5a

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Jul 18 08:44:31 EDT 2007

> I'll take that as a yes!! Funnily enough, I just watched this again the
> other day. Other than the atrocious C/G airplanes (which don't look any
> better on Dvd than they did on the big screen), I think it's an excellent
> film.

Strangely, when a film story is good, the director did a fine job and the 
actors put their best on it... the special effects don't count as much. Did 
someone got pissed by the obviously fake machine gun decks on the close-ups 
of "The Blue Max", or the fact that  almost everyone in the jasta wore uhlan 
uniforms? (I won't mention the lozenged airplanes. Ooops I did it) Anyway, 
those details doesn't substract from the movie at all. In that respect 
"Flyboys" have a flawless accuracy on the sets, props and uniforms... 
however on gets distracted enough from the story to notice the dread CGI 
I won't keep talking about movies, since this is a modeling forum, but... 
what a flop it was!
Hope that the MvR movie may redeem it, but I doubt it will. Can't say why.

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