[WWI] Added:Pfalz D.XII and more!

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 17 09:05:01 EDT 2007

All three look nice! I like the color used for the aluminum dope. Not too 
bright , doesn't look like an attempt to make a Natural Aluminum Nieuport. 
Rick G.

>The Pfalz D. XII, Nie. 16, & Nie. 17c look really nice.
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>>   Scott Janney sent in photos of his
>>Pfalz D.XII,
>>See http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Janney/CP/index.html#PfalzD.XII
>>Nieuport 16,
>>See http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Janney/Allied/index.html#Nie16
>>Nieuport 17,
>>See http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Janney/Allied/index.html#Nie17c
>>or see news.
>>WWI Web Admin


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