[WWI] take of the Bastille Day!

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      Thanks for the clarification!  Oh, sorry about the " whoopin' " Argentina got from Brazil in futbol!

Buz ;^)
> From: "Diego Fernetti" <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar>
> Date: 2007/07/16 Mon AM 06:19:55 EST
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> Subject: Re: [WWI] take of the Bastille Day!
> Buz!
> > HAPPY BASTILLE DAY!  To all the "List's" French and Louisiana connection!
> Sorry for the small correction... it's "take of the Bastille" day in any 
> case, since Bastille Day would mean that it's the day of the infamous 
> fortress-prison from Paris and symbol of the monarchist opression... The man 
> of the iron mask would flinch at this.
> As a OT note, we can mention that earlier that fateful day, the mob took the 
> weapons from the "Hotel de Invalides" which centuries later would house 
> Guynemer's Spad for many years, IIRC
> D. 

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