[WWI] First report: Clear cigarette paper

Douglas R. Jones aeroc at verizon.net
Sun Jul 15 11:59:25 EDT 2007

Upon further research you are correct. Celluloid comes from the 
compounding of nitrocellulose and camphor. Nitrocellulose is made by 
mixing cellulose with nitric acid.Thanks for making me dig a little 
further and proving to me again that organic chemistry is not my strong 
suit! Actually digging around to figure this stuff out has been an 
interesting history lesson as celluloid was apparently patented i9n the 
mid 1900 century. It still is fascinating to me that plant fiber is 
clear! Oh, the material I was referring to i3 cellophane. Used as a food 
wrapper for years but lost favor because of its use for sulfur dioxide 
in the manufacture. Apparently, sulfur dioxide is highly polluting.


Andy Bannister wrote:
> Doug:
>> May be cellulose comes in clear but I do think that you are 
>> referring to 
>> celluloid which is a plastic material. 
> I was referring to celluloid but I thought it was derived from cellulose?
> Andy

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