[WWI] First report: Clear cigarette paper

Douglas R. Jones aeroc at verizon.net
Sun Jul 15 11:19:48 EDT 2007

May be cellulose comes in clear but I do think that you are referring to 
celluloid which is a plastic material. Speaking of clear material for OT 
models, what about the material that used to come on cigarette pack's? 
(Assuming it still does, I quite in 1979). If I remember right it was 
thin and I would think easily worked.


Andy Bannister wrote:
> Doug:
>> Based on a little research, these papers are cellulose based and 
>> apparently made from vegetable matter. I had no idea that cellulose 
>> could be clear. 
> Funny, I thought cellulose ONLY came in clear! I'm thinking celluloid film
> as well as, of course, celluloid inspection windows & centre section panels
> on OT aircraft.
> Andy 
> CEO, Editor in Chief, Choreographer, Teaboy
> www.warpedplastic.co.uk 

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